Shepherd Gallery Services is a center for the care, maintenance, and preservation of fine art and art objects. Since 1977 we have catered to the needs of connoisseurs, museums, private collectors, artists, galleries, and decorators.
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Custom and Period Framing

Shepherd Gallery Services has an extensive collection of more than 2,000 European and American period frames, with a particular focus on those appropriate for the paintings and drawings of the 19th century. We specialize in meticulous frame restoration, refinishing, and alteration.

We also offer our own line of quality frames and moldings of all periods and styles, with a broad range of custom and handcrafted finishes. Shepherd Gallery Services can produce exact copies of rare frames. We work closely with artists, architects, and designers to create and produce unique original frames.

Clients may choose from a variety of archival mats and mounts including custom-tinted French, rag, and fabric mats of silk and linen. Shepherd Gallery Services can also replicate a client's mat or sample.

All framing and fitting conforms to museum standards, employing the latest conservation practices and technologies. We offer a full rance of glazing materials, which both protect and enhance the art. Shepherd Gallery Services specializes in intricate and complicated fittings and presentations, always mindful of balancing the aesthetic concerns of our clients with the conservation needs of the art.

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Art Conservation and Restoration

Shepherd Gallery Services offers professional, museum-quality conservation and restoration of paintings, works on paper, sculpture, furniture, metalwork, ceramics, and textiles. Our highly trained, experienced conservators are well versed in both traditional conservation methods and more recent scientific improvements. Shepherd Gallery Services retains a variety of skilled craftsmen, including trompe l'oeil artisans, bronze casters, patinators, marble carvers, jewlers, cabinetmakers, finishers, woodcarvers and gilders.

Additional Services

Shepherd Galleries Services undertakes appraisals, insurance estimates, research, photography, transportation, shipping, installations, cataloguing and collection surveys.

Conservation Services
  • Antique frame restoration, refinishing and alterations
  • Paper conservation: watercolors, drawings, pastels, prints and wallpaper panels
  • Document and book conservation and presentation
  • Painting restoration: canvases, panels, constructions and murals
  • Sculpture conservation: bronze, terra cotta, plaster, wax, wood and mixed media
  • Monument and architectural conservation
  • Metalwork and jewelry
  • Textile conservation
  • Ceramic restoration: porcelain, biscuit, terra cotta and faience
  • Upper East Side showroom located in Madison Avenue's gallery and museum district
  • On-site fitting atelier
  • Frame factory and workshop
  • Enviornmentally controlled, high-security storage in Manhattan
  • Studios and laboratories for conservation and restoration
Antique Frame Collection
  • French: Louis XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, Neo-classical, Empire, Charles X, Louis-Philippe, Second Empire, Barbizon, Beaux-Arts, Symbolist, Art Nouveau, Art Deco
  • German: Neo-classical, Biedermeier, Jugendstil, Secessionist, Expressionist
  • American: Colonial, Empire, Federal, American Primitive, Eastlake, Arts and Crafts, Whistler, Impressionist, 20th Century
Custom Reproduction Frames
  • Italian and Spanish: 14th - 17th century
  • Dutch and Flemish: 16th and 17th Century
  • French: Louis XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, Empire, Barbizon, Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau, Art-Deco, Modern
  • English: Regency, Neo-classical, Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite, Aesthetic Movement
  • German: Neo-classical, Biedermeier, Judendstil, Secessionist, Expressionist
  • American: Colonial, Empire, Federal, American Primitive, Eastlake, Arts and Crafts, Whistler, Impressionist, 20th Century
  • Contemporary
  • Hardwood moldings
  • Custom-designed frames